STAMOX VET       Speed and endurance

Are you looking for a way to get your pigeons home faster ?


Pigeons Fly Faster and Further
with New Revolutionary Product

Stamox Vet is a truly superior product.
It is the first pigeon sport product in history that has been approved by the laboratory accredited by the Olympic Committees world wide.

Stamox Vet is found to be completely safe and proven not to contain any substance classified as a drug or doping.

Stamox Vet is a plant extract given as a supplement

What if Your pigeons could: 

Increase their speed by 2 - 3%
Improve endurence by about 15%
Increase the utilisation of oxgyen in the cells
Increase the blood supply and flow to all organs
Improve focus and mental alertness
Increase the willingness to exercise

In fact this is exactly what Stamox Vet is doing to your pigeons.

Stamox Vet has been tested on human athletes and racing horses with excellent results. Last season Stamox Vet was tested in pigeons with great results, and now also many fanciers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Portugal, South Africa, Australia have chosen to use Stamox Vet for their racing pigeons.

How to use Stamox Vet:

In the weaining period leading up to the flying season
Three weeks before start, 1 or 2 days per week;
Give 1 teaspoon Stamox Vet per 2 litres of drinking water.
For sprint / middle distance (1 night basket)
Evening before basketing + the day of basketing.
Give 1 teaspoon Stamox Vet per litre of drinking water.
For middle distance / long distance
(2 nights in the basket)
Last 2 nights before basketting, 1 teaspoon Stamox Vet per litre of drinking water.
For long distance racing (3 nights in the basket)
Last 4 nights before basketing, give 1 teaspoon Stamox Vet per litre of drinking water.
As a condition builder (4 weeks leading up to the long distance race. Each Monday and Tuesday give 1 teaspoon Stamox Vet per litre of drinking water.

Stamox Vet is totally natural and healthy
Stamox Vet is made from an extract of red beetroots only. It is produced according to a patented method to reserve the beneficial micro nutrients. Stamox is a 100% natural food suppliment without any artificial additives or chemical changes.

The reason that Stamox Vet gives this astonishing effect is the following:
Scientists believe that Stamox Vet beetroot powder works by making energy production (in mitochondria) and muscle function more efficient. Evidence supporting these effects points to diverse mechanisms being responsible including increased formation of mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis), enhanced ATP formation at lower oxygen cost, increasing efficiency of mitochondrial respiration and conjunction with the improved metabolic efficiency of muscle contraction.

Needless to say, the quality of the beetroot powder is essential to get the good results. Stamox is standarized on the essential nutritial values, and is optimized to give the pigeons a best possible competitive edge. With Stamox Vet "medium performers", suddenly advances to "top performers", or in best case become "unexpected winners".

Don't miss another chance to win

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The inventor of Stamox Vet is Dr. Nils Reither. He graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht in the Netherlands in 1990 and he has worked in Norway, Sweden and New Zealand as a practicing veterinarian and in periods for the industry.

One of his main passions are the pigeons and he keeps a small loft with racing pigeons and fancy pigeons in his garden.